Many years ago I was in a submissive relationship with a dominant wonderful man. I learned the joy and security of submission. He taught me well and I gave myself to him completely. He required me to be clean shaven in my pubic area and always wear tan pantyhose with no underwear beneath. I always felt beautiful in his eyes. Then one day he came home with another person and ordered me to lay on my back and peel down my pantyhose. I obediently did so thinking he was going to let this man use me sexually. Instead, the man was a tattoo artist. Hoping perhaps I would be marked with my Dom's name or something I endured the pain and tingled with excitement. When all was done the tattoo across my shaven pubic area said "I Submit" in a lovely script style. It looked really sexy under my nylons.

That relationship came to an end ten years ago (although I'd run back to him in a moment if he desired me to). I date and enjoy the company of other men now and still stick to the no panties rule. They go nuts when they see the tattoo and spend time kissing it and licking it even before they pull down the pantyhose. Needless to say I receive a lot of oral s**. I still feel thankful to be marked this way. I may be a sub but I'm also a confident, happy person

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