Regrettable tattoo

A few days ago I got a new tattoo, boy was I proud but it hasn't got the reaction I thought it would and I'm so depressed about it :(
The thing is, a while ago I was with this girl and one night whilst we were listening to our Christian rock cassette tapes and having a wholesome dance, she slipped and fell down a flight of stairs smashing her face into a door handle! I know what you're thinking, silly huh? Boy were out faces red, especially in the emergency room! Anyway, it was a total accident and we laughed about it so much, I can't listen to Creed without laughing so hard that a little bit of pee comes out. It's so funny that I thought I'd get a tattoo of the way she looked on that HILARIOUS night, right on my neck so that every time she sees me she can laugh at how funny that night was, but everyone says it's bad taste, they just don't have a sense of humour and the things they're saying me make me sad, what can I do?

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  • You suck at trolling.

  • Make over tatto, different design,

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