Thick wife humiliated

I'd love to see a sexy shapley black woman strip the clothes off my bit titted, fat assed wife and beat her to a b***** unconscious pulp. It would be even better if it was in a bar and everyone was cheering as they watched my wife stripped and beaten.

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  • Spread your big titte, fat assed white wife over a table and let every man f*** her ass first, then shoot in her mouth.


  • I am fat udder sow wife and I dream of having Black women dominate me all the time, it would be hotter if it was done publically.

  • Have the black woman take giant d****, ram it up your wife's fat white ass, then take it out and jam it down her throat

  • get th black girl to f*** your wifes ass with the biggest strap on d*** you can find so that her ass gets ripped with the size, have her pound the f*** out of your wifes ass

  • seeing her stripped and beaten id with out doubt get out my d*** and j******* c****** on your beaten naked p***** on wife lol

  • Seems like you ought to kill yourself today!

  • Drag the your sow wife by the hair through the bar, and kick her ass naked out in the street.

  • H***, I'd pay to see that.

  • I'd pour beer on her to revive her, and get her back in the fight.

  • Why don't you have the bar patrons p*** on your fat assed wife as she's laying naked on the floor?

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