We are 3 close friends. Or are we? I need help..

I'm gonna refer to people as A,B,C etc.

I'm a guy. I've met with A on the kindergarten. We were close with another guy too. This went for few years, and we three was close. And then the other guy died in an accident just before we started to high school. By chance A and me was on the same school and in the same classroom.

While in the high school, we've met with B at the first year. And this went for 4 more years. We were close. We graduated and A and B went to same university, me to another. It has been 3 more years.

Here starts my problem. We go to school everyday. A and B see each other at school, full-time. Then when we're out of our schools, we call each other and meet up again. And we go and sit at A's home for all day than we go home, sleep, wake up and same thing everyday.

At weekends we just stay at home or go at A's home and sit there all day long..

We all are 22 and we do this everyday. We go to holidays together too. And for last few years, out of nowhere, we started to "disapprove" everybody. He is like that, she is like that, that is why I don't wanna see him etc. etc.

Now I'm extremely uncomfortable with this situation. We are 3 guys hanging out all the time..

I've had only 5 girl friends till now and had only s** with only 1 of them. The A and B have never even had s** with any of their gfs.

Its not like we don't know anyone. Actually it is quite the opposite. We are very popular where we live, most of the people know us. But the problem is, we do not hang out with any of them. We don't go to any parties. We don't go if anyone, boy or girl, invites us to anywhere. We rarely meet up with someone outside of the group.

Do you think this really is a big problem as I'm thinking or is it normal?

P.S: And we constantly argue with each other. And when one of is not around, we say really bad things about him.

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  • "I'm a guy. I've met with A on the kindergarten."

    Are you still in kindergarten?

  • Having close friends is great (that's normal), but not at the expense of not allowing others to join in and or meet people. You guys could be missing out on some new friends, girlfriends, networks because you're not going out and mingling or being exclusionary. Stop the negative chatter. Of course people will always have something to say, but tell that person instead of talking behind each others back. Time to grow up guys, venture out, meet some new letters. You know if B&C don't want to go, U can go at it alone.

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