Dying everyday

We were 2heather from age 13 to 25.we share a 1yr old daughter.we've been broken up 7 months and u have had a gf for 7months. We have slept together more than once and I've even showed her proof, but she still stayed with u.everyday I'm still broken over u.I cry sometimes to.u were my vestries and even now all I want is u. All I want is u,13 years doesn't leave like that. I have someone who wants to b the man for me,but I can't allow him to b because I am still so much in love with u.I'm so hurt over all this that I just wana die most of the time.it's like dying everyday.yes u will sleep with me,but that is not enough for me.maybe I will just kill myself.life is just not worth living without u.

Jul 4, 2012

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  • haha...you whores spread your legs for anyone...then, whoa is me! I have a baby with no daddy! Dumb b****!

  • What you need is to go back to school and learn English

  • No matter how bad it may seem, you should never take your own life. You are valuable. Don't let this break you completely.

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