So a little background is that most people at my elementary school been there since pre-k (I'm a freshman now)
So there was this girl and she changed me I was a shy guy in 8th grade and I really didn't have a lot of friends that were girls untill I really got to know her. So I knew this girl for a while now but I never really talked to her untill some day at school I guess we started talking and became really good friends we would probably talk everyday and I would make her laugh and we would have fun. She made me feel Alive and like some person(beside family) cared for me she was amazing. Then I started to fall for her an I didnt know how to tell her. I also think she Might hav liked me because she Wrote me this _____ I love u hope u find a gf in high schoo. I was puzzled by this for many weeks And I let her slip through my grasp, I never told her how I felt and I regret this every day. It's been almost a year know I still feel the same way I don't get to see her cause we go to different schools. What do I do she I look for her and say something b4 Its really to late or am I to late do u think that note was trying to tell me sum thing was she the girl i needed to find please I think of her everyday and I don't know what to do

May 14, 2012

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  • Look for her, be brave and tell her so that you don't keep this as a regret, it is not late. It probably was an indirect message or maybe it was just a good wish (that is, if you kept telling her you wanted a girlfriend or anything). You know her better. If doesn't work out, it'll be a good experience to learn from.

  • Forget it, grow up, move on.

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