I have autism. I don't lie; I'm almost incapable of it. You guys (neurotypicals) lie all the time, about casual things to important things. I can't trust you in a relationship, a friendship, or ever. Sometimes you guys smile when you're not happy. You frown when you're not sad. And you've fooled me so many times.

Jan 12, 2011

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  • True. However, as an autistic person, you are also even more self-centered than the most arrogant neurotypicals, so suck on that.

    The rest of us don't freak the f*** out if Bobby's wearing a yellow shirt on a Thursday or if Tyler comes into the room after Brittany, but leaves before she does.

    We comprehend that you don't elbow other people out of the way simply because you decide you're done waiting in line.

    We comprehend the value of phrases like "please" and "thank you", and know when and how to use them.

    We get that it's not the end of the g****** world if a routine sequence of events happen out of sequence one time.

    So maybe check your precious self just a little bit there, Sparky.

    I for one am done with special snowflakes like you thinking the world has to reconfigure itself so YOU don't feel sad. Get used to real life or stay in your safe place.

  • How's that for honesty, b****?

  • Not everyone is confident and assertive enough,to reveal/ wear their vulnerabilities and insecurities,on their sleeves,like yourself.
    I applaud you,for being able to do that.
    But would you be able to,if you weren't autistic?! Us neurotypicals,as you stereotyped us,have to live in a world,with changing situations and circumstances,that unaccepting of our true worth.Sometimes we need to wear a,"ever changing mask" to suit our situation,who we're amongst and so forth.Sometimes,the circumstances permits us,not to reveal our true feelings.
    Nothing is in black and white.
    Please see beyond; your ignorant,inconsiderate,superiority complex and stereotypical opinions.

  • I wish I had a friend like you...:(

  • I care.

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