It's all a lie

I have doubts that I will ever be in love with someone and that they will care about me the same way. I'm in my thirties and I have never had a guy who really fell for me. I think it's all a game. They are interested until they know you care and then the game is over. They won and then they disappear off to play another game. I'm not talking about s**, I have never been in a relationship that has lasted long enough to worry too much about that. I have guys flirt with me and stuff, but then they never ask me out or anything and as soon as they know I'm interested it's over. I think I am just going to be alone forever. Guys want some girl who whines and cries and acts like she can't do anything for herself. I don't have to have a man in my life to survive, but I would like to have a wonderful life and be in love with someone who could be my best friend. I just don't know if that is possible.

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  • love will hit you when you least expect it :) keep your chin up (not literally)

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