My life is like a movie...

I have been in love with my best friend for three years now. Finally two months ago we hooked up and I thought we would finally be together... but the next day he said it would never happen and we shouldn't hook up ever again.

I recently got a new boyfriend who I like a lot. But the other day while I was hanging out with my best friend... we ended up hugging... for a long time.. and soon it turned to heavy breathing... and touching. We ended it at that but in that moment I felt more passion than I have during s** with my boyfriend.

And WHY NOW is he interested in me..? I was so tempted to do more but I wouldn't dare cheat on my boyfriend... I am so happy with him.

But what if I am missing out on something that could possibly happen with my best friend. I have never felt so much passion and love and l*** with anyone else but him...

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  • Your best friend wants a piece of ass. He obviously has sized you up and figures you're good for the occasional f*** but not much else. If your boyfriend isn't d*** it for you, find another boyfriend but don't expect anything long-term from the best friend. Sorry.

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