Why is it so wrong to not want children?! Just because I'm female and don't want kids doesn't make me a monster! I don't hate children, but I don't necessarily like them either. I don't find babies cute, I don't turn to a pile of mush over toddlers, I don't coo over baby clothes, I don't care that your little angel has just spoken his first words. And children are incredibly unhygienic and disorganized. Why can't I just choose to be child-free and not be harassed for it? My parents are pressuring me for grandchildren and insisting that I'll "change my mind." I won't. My tolerance for children runs out after a few hours... call me crazy, but I don't think that rearing a kid for 18 years would be a good idea for me. I would be unhappy, which in turn would make said child unhappy. No one would win. A child doesn't deserve a bitter and jaded parent. For me children are almost like puppies: they're alright, but you're relieved when they go home with someone else at the end of the day. I just wish everyone would respect my choice and not judge me for it, just as I respect the choice of those who do choose to procreate.

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  • What commonly happens is a career woman like yourself will have a realization in your late 30's / early 40's that unless you find that guy you'll be a 48 year old cat-lady before you know it.

    That, and trying to take care of a teenager when you are 60 and your pension will be going to a college fund. Still.

  • must be good living in fantasy land -Dr. O

  • Nothing wrong with that. Kids aren't for everyone. You have every right to want or not want. Do what's best for you.

  • WOW, I am so proud of you!!NO, I am NOT kidding. So many have been coerced in to having children they do not want!! I think it is wonderful that you already know it BEFORE you have children.You should be commended for it, not belittled.
    Live your life for yourself, not the way someone else wants you to live. All the best!!

  • I am a female and don't want children either. I agree, that children are ok to be around, especially if they go home with someone else.

    I've had people say to me, "When you meet the right guy, you'll change your mind." I'm like, "What the heck?" If it's the right guy, then he'd understand and would be ok with that. If he is dead set on having children then he can find someone else. I see the way kids are these days and think, "Man, I'm glad that my child has four legs and meows." I have even had people tell me that having a baby is the best gift that I can give him. I'm thinking, ummm, I'm not a woman that is going to be a stay at home mom and barefoot and pregnant. I think that it's great that there are women who want to be housewives but I'm not one of them. I have a college degree and working toward a graduate degree.

    It's good to know that you don't want children now, instead of when you are 7 months pregnant or when the kid is out of control. Anyway, I think that you should be applauded for knowing that you don't want kids. You shouldn't feel pressured into having kids.

  • I'm a female and I'm just like you... Don't worry about it...

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