I'm 16. I've been having suicidal thoughts for years. The only thing holding me back is my family and friends. What would they say if the girl they call 'positive' just up and committed? Would they even care. No one knows. and I'm tired of looking around and seeing people judge eachother. It's all they do. Everyones different and no one can handle that.

It's a secret I find easy to keep. I think about telling them. Maybe I could get some help, be happy. But then I see what they say when a suicide help commercial comes on and how 'f***ed up' those people are. I can't tell. I wanted to tell someone. So I came on here. But even here all people do is judge. This world is dissapointing. It's not worth living. I already almost died once; and while they were trying to save me I was telling them not to. No one would even care if I was gone. It'd be better. I am nothing.

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  • Dear nothing,
    You are tissue, you are breath, you are cells and you are a value to life. You are beautiful to behold a majestic and honorable being. You were conceived and cared for as you still are.
    Life may be difficult and your ups and down are hard to deal with. As some one who also struggles with depression let your inner voice speak and be heard. Tell some one face to face. It is and incredible emotion to have where your heart is shaking and your lips can barely say the words "I am depressed" and yet your mind (and soul) shall soar.
    As some one who knows the darkness of my own mind I ask you to please tell your closest friend. Together research and find out what you can do. Do not bear the burden of this world alone. This world is an incredible place all you have to do is work a little harder to see the beauty around you.

  • People judge because they only care about themselves.. I often feel just like you do... But hopefully you and I will find something worth living for... Maybe there's something big for us, you never know... Think about it, you die and you disappear... People would cry, for a while (your friends and family)..and then they would move on and you will BE nothing... You are alive now, you might as well try to get what you want in your life, and do what makes you happy. Don't kill yourself without trying to succeed first...

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