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I am a straight 20 y.o. male who has an incredible two year relationship. The down side to my relationship is that we are 2000 miles apart due to going to different Universities. I told her early on in our relationship that I enjoy cross dressing... she was nervous at first but has now come around to the idea and really likes it. I have a few items of hers and my own that I keep in my dorm room. I share the room with a good friend but he doesn't know any thing about it. Most of the time I just wear panties, women's jeans, and a cute top when Im alone in my room.
Lately how ever when Im with my female friends I get the urge to toss on my women's jeans and just hang out with them and have "girl time." My girlfriend loves and supports me but my friends know nothing of this... it just feels good getting to say it online...

go ahead and bash me all you like. I am going to be proud and confident with who I am and in my sexuality. Besides those of you who think its gay to wear women's clothing need to have your head examined. What about wearing Women's clothes makes a straight guy gay? Is it cause those who are gay wear them? No, because that wouldn't turn on some one who is gay.

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  • Whatever floats your boat dude. If it makes you happy then go right ahead. Sometimes I wear my boyfriends shirt after we have s**. Of course, I like the way that he smells and enjoy having him close to me even if we're not s******* around. I only wear it around the house after we've had s**.

  • f*****.

  • there are only two types of guy... straight and gay. but even the gay's are not men...

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