I cant even seem to talk to my best

I cant even seem to talk to my best friend about my feelings and whatever else, so here goes. (even though I know alot of people enjoy just leaving pointless and hurtful comments)

I don't enjoy the men where I live. They seem all less mature than me, still laugh at the same stupid things they did when they were 16, I am yet to find one who is attractive (well that I am physcially attractive to)... and the list goes on..

I've alot of "internet friends" and only some do I trust.
I seem to use the internet to find friends (don't get me wrong, Ive friends here too that I am with quite a bit)...and to find "love"

After heartbreaks, or perverted guys, I think I've finally found a respectable, handsome, smart (studying to be a doctor), funny, wonderful guy from Italy, who makes it his job to make me smile.
We've enjoyed.. well.. "internet pleasures" and he is always putting my "need" before his..
He is always there when Im sad
It makes him sad too when he sees im not doing so good
I can call him even at 4 am his time if Im upset.
All of it comes down to, is that he seems perfect.
I think about him alot...And I feel like an idiot to do so...
But Is the internet a place to trust?
I see one side of him
Is it worth to meet.
I know some of his friends, (again Ive met them through the internet) and casual acquaintances..and all of them say he's a good guy.
But is it a nagging intuition , am I paranoid from all the stories about things going wrong, that I seem to take it to another level?

Can someone give me some advice?

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  • No, do not trust the internet! It is where all the crazies come to, if you don't believe me, just read some of the confessions on this site! Internet is NOT the place to find love!!!!! No you cannot trust him, how the h*** do you know if he is studying to become a doctor, or that the pictures he sends you are real! Get off your ass, and go find a real man (who you actually meet before you "fall in love") That is the only way to be semi-sure of who the person REALLY is. Oh, and cyber s** is for fat people, and losers! Get a f****** life!

  • If you are over age, you could definitely go visit him I say, or, alternatively, he could come visit you. It sounds like you've met a very nice guy. Some people say the internet is not a safe place to trust people and meet people. However, if we can't think that somewhere out there there must be other normal people like you yourself online, then how can you trust anyone? I trust people I meet online because I believe that, like me, there are mostly normal people on it seeking friendships and that the psychos and perverts are a minority. But anyway, meeting is probably a good idea if you two love each other.


  • seek Jesus

  • thank you :)

  • Well, I personally think you can trust him, but if you want to meet him it all depends, if you are over age, i see no problem in this but if you are underage then you should wait a while.
    You are not paranoid from this, thinking it out is a good thing. If you think the time is right then i say go ahead and meet him

  • well, i stopped reading a long time ago...sorry


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