I think im Done..

Im not the best kid in the world. I let my Grades Slip sometimes, i dont take out the trash everyday, my room gets a Bit Messy. I do alot of things that normal people do. Even though i mess up alot, i try hard to keep our family together. You guys keep shooting me down. And its killing me.

I'm a Nice Girl, and i don't treat others meanly. So why does everybody at school talk about me so Harshly. None of them even know me. How could they.? None of them have ever taken the time to try. Im the shy girl with her nose in a Book, i smile whenever anyone speaks to me, im the type of girl who stops to help a stranger pick all the papers up off the ground. But its not enough i guess.

Theres so much more that goes on in my life.. And its driving me to the edge. I think im Done. I really do. Im just a waste of SPACE. forgive me, but i am done. Im coming to see you Nana. Ive Waited so, so Long..

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  • So life is just a bunch of bullshit.

    There are always going to be a******* and b******. No doubt about it. However if they don't like you who cares? You shouldn't go out of your way to be someone's friend or make them like you.

    I live by a quote, "I was not put on this Earth to please people.". I don't care if people hate me or dislike me because of some stupid reason. There are people who actually deserve your attention and will care for you because you are you.

    Life will get better. From the sounds of it, you seem to still be in high school or junior high.

    Once high school is over, none of that s*** even matters. Everyone goes to a new school, a new job, h*** you never see those people. When you do it is a brief moment like 20 seconds. So to those a******* forget about them.

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