Why is it that cheaters and gay people

Why is it that cheaters and gay people are convinced that everybody is like them? Cheaters always try to justify by saying that everybody cheats, and gay people always think that everyone else is secretly gay or bi and just in denial about it.

Look, I don't cheat on my woman and no, I don't want your d*** in my ass. Now get over yourself.

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  • Here! here!


  • people dont think that at all.
    im bi, i dont think everyone is bi or gay .

    pot smoker one,
    yeah everyone should like pot, wanna know why, it brings people together! seriously. although i have no issues with people who dont, its there choice.

    thats the problem, people forgot that age old saying:
    different strokes for different folks

    its an amazing thing, and i truely belive that if everyone smoked pot the world would be a much better place.

  • I agree. I don't cheat. I think its retarded why the h*** be with the damn person if you're going 2 cheat!!!!!!!! ughhh.

    and I used to be bi-curious when I was little not anymore though I'm straight! :P

  • LOL If everyone were gay, how would we reproduce?

  • Not all gay people think everyone else is gay. . .ummmm hello, you are retarded, gay and a cheater so there

  • Yeah, I hate that. I also hate when all Christians say that everyone should be like them, and all pot smokers say everyone should smoke pot.

  • cool

  • And not all cheaters and gay people say that. (I'm neither, but I talk to them).

  • And it's even worse if you're gay and you cheat on your d*** buddy.

  • I agree. That does sicken me that gays and cheaters say everybody wants to be like them. Not all guys cheat or want to be gay.

  • You tell em! I think that people who cheat say that everybody cheats because deep down they are seeking a way to justify what they have done. If there is one thing people should know is that all people are different and all things don't apply to all people. I have been on both ends of the cheating spectrum, but I know that I would never be on the giving end ever again in life!

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