Dazed and Confused

About a year ago a friend of mine and I had a drunkin threesome with this guy. Since then our relationship has changed - she is openly bisexual but I've typically followed hetero tendancies.

Since our relationship changed I find that I haven't been able to meet a man who I'm interested in enough to date. She and I spend a lot of time together, share intimate moments and even talk about the thought of making our relationship more solidified later down the line.

I'm so confused! I thought that I preferred men but since she and I have gotten closer I haven't met anyone I liked enough to persue and ontop of that haven't really felt the urge to meet any males.

But in saying that I know I'm not 100% lesbian because I still do crave that manly touch...whats my deal??

Jan 23, 2011

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  • Ya, I think at this point I'll maintain the status quo..I love her a lot. Won't press anything..even though I feel it a bit from her.
    The threeway was hot except the male counterpart couldn't keep his end going...which is probably why she and I had the opportunity to discover.

  • You're experimenting with your sexuality and discovering your identity. You sound bisexual but maybe you're one or the other. The truth will be discovered eventually. Don't force the issue. By the way, the three-way sounded hot.

  • The boundary lines have been blurred. It sounds like you're emotionally invested. You've been intimate and see each other often so it's almost the next logical step. You should distance yourself slightly from her..figure out what you're looking for. Rebuild the friendship..keep it platonic moving forward.

  • Don't let her turn you out. Get away from her. She is only trying to make you a lesbian. She will cheat on you. Find you a man compatible with you and don't let her distort your sexual orientation.

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