Lonely and Low

I'm in high school, have never had a boyfriend, and I am terrified that I will die alone. When people ask why I haven't started dating, I always say that it's because I haven't met the right person. The truth is, I secretly think that it's because I'm not pretty, thin, smart, or funny enough.



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  • Maybe the truth is that they can see through to your feeling this way which I doubt is true. I am almost 26 & still have only dated 3 guys & never done more than held hands...not even a kiss! So don't sweat it yet...stay focused where you need to & in the meantime maybe consider finding some good true friends or a counselor that can truly address your fears & give a more accurate perspective.

  • My best friend is like you.. But don't ever think it's because your not pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough or funny enough.. My best friend is probably the most beautiful girl at our school, she is top of the class, an amazing athlete, absolutely hilarious and she has an amazing personality..and i'm not just saying that as her best friend...anyone would say that about her. She has everything going for her except guys... She always tells me how worried she is she'll never have a boyfriend or get married. I'm going to be brutally honest..I've seen the ugliest and fatest girls with boyfriends. BECAUSE they have found the right someone to date, someone who fits them. Someone will come along one day that will be right for you and my best friend. You just have to be patient. Love will find you when you least expect it.

  • Well, we are all born alone and die alone, but I think I get your meaning. Probably a better approach is to focus on considering things that you enjoy doing and pursue those activities. Those are the places where you're likely to meet potential friends.

    Also, work on the things that you can change or improve. Lose some weight; get in shape; pay attention to your school work. A woman like that will be very attractive to the right kind of guys.

  • First, don't listen to the first commentor. You are really young. I did not have a date until senior ball. I never went out, become yourself. Don't worry what others say about you. Concentrate on getting good grades and getting out of highschool.

  • Don't burn yourself out worrying. Let it happen. It will.

  • You are only in highschool! Be patient!

  • Hey I'm 44 and terrified I will die alone, life's a b**** kid, get used to it!

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