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Sometimes I just feel like running away and never looking back. I have 2 kids under 4 that have had their share of issues although I love them dearly. My husband and I haven't had s** in almost a year and aren't planning on it any time soon. I've gained weight that I have been having an incredibly hard time losing (20lbs). We haven't been on a date in over a year. I feel like I'm just surviving right now.
The more I try to speak to my husband about this, the crazier I sound. I've hit the point of no return. I've even started thinking about cheating or divorce. He loves me, I know he does but words are just not enough.


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  • Affairs always end badly - invest in some toys to pleasure yourself!

    If things haven't changed with your husband - suggest counseling - I knew a couple who needed hormone therapy and with one prescription they were back to normal. He may just have a low testosterone level.

    Don't mess with anyone online - your a mother - too much danger out there / good luck

  • You need s**. Find a nice married man who will have an affair with you.

  • Lady just find a guy you can trust to give it to you. Sexual stress is a nightmare for me. After 3 years of no s**, none, I started cheating, he has no interest in s** and he don't know I have a regular hookup in another town with an old friend. I'm sure it would hurt him but the lack of s** is killing me and the feelings I have for my marriage. I'm too young and to stay in a sexless marrige. I'm 46, I want it regular.

  • Hey, just ta let you know you dont have to lift a finger if you were with me and as for your weight thats not something i care about you can gain as much as you'd like if you were in my life im still young in my late 20s and im caucasian age doesnt matter to me please reply id love to hear from you and as for your kids id like to help you take care of them your husband sounds like a d*** im never like that if i tell someone i love them its because i believe it and mean it not just say it. -bbwlover

  • I'm in a similar boat. Email me at lpfc905@hotmail.com. Maybe we can commiserate.

  • What would you like to see happen?

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