I have AIDS.

I found out I am positive last month. I slept with 2 of my exs to get back at them.

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  • That's assult with a deadly weapon. Smh

  • its o i bet they gave it to you bc ur such an ass

  • Who doesn't love a good retro virus anyways? For some poor people in Africa, it's the only thing they have to call their own.

  • Are you for real? Have 2 people hurt you so bad, that you want to ruin their entire lives? Not to forget their families? Do you want to devastate their families if they contract YOUR HIV? Give your head a shake and get examined.

  • You like c***, up the butt. You suck men off and swallow their nut. So now do something really fun; blow your head off with a gun!

  • personally... i find this rather funny. Get in mate. To be fair its their fault if they're gonna go round doing it unprotected with their ex. S**** get what they deserve.

  • You sir are the reason why AIDS still exists in this world. Pathetic dumb ass's like you, think its funny to get back at people, by infecting them. Did they ruin your life? OBVIOUSLY NOT. You moved on. why RUIN theirs.

    You pathetic F***.

  • I hope you realize that they test positive for AIDS they could possibly die. Yeah, I understand you want to get back at them but were you intending to kill them?

  • wow thats messed up, i guess peple tend to get angry when they get aids. its a stage of grief.

  • Elliot and Olivia would find a way to lock your ass up for that. If it were true. I, personally, call bullshit.

  • Well that was not very nice...

  • You know you can go to jail for that if they are infected. I think this was very immature of you. You might have affected them for the rest of their life! I guess you will have years and years in jail to think about what you have done, and I hope you get caught. P****.

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