Absolutely no one knows this...

I'm a straight girl...
but when I m********* I do it to lesbian p*** and such...
I don't think I'm gay or bi though because I don't find any girl I know sexually attractive...
I honestly don't know if I'm gay, and I don't care right now, I just had to get this off my chest.

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  • Don't Worry! My father when teaching me about the birds and the bees and such taught me that everyone is bi-sexual to some extent. Even a homophobic bigot will subconsciously have thoughts about naked men/women, if only out of curiosity. Lesbianism is not nearly as shunned by men (I am a man) because women are generally much prettier than men, while male gays are shunned for being pictured ugly. That doesn't mean they are wrong. I have no attraction for men, but I respect gays. Don't be afraid to be curious, or gay, or bi, or strait, or anything. As the anon above said, it is just a label. If you like women that is fine, or men. It's not a matter of normal, but a matter of growing, and being yourself.

  • i used to do the same thing since the age of 8 and feel ashamed of it now...

  • 'straight' and 'gay' and 'bi' are just labels. everyone is somewhere on the continuum! sexy is just sexy schmeh haha

  • Unless you are actually attracted to women or feel you could love a woman I don't think you're bi or gay. Heaps of women are like this :)

  • This is totally 100 percent normal.

  • Many straight women m********* and fantasize about other women... Who cares...

  • The link below may shed some light on your seemingly contradictory behavior. I recommend you pay special attention to paragraph four, as it explains in some detail the schism many women experience between self-reported sexual orientation and physical arousal. Good luck, and happy masturbating! Take care! :)


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