Am I taking things too fast?

I just got myself out of a 1 and a half month relationship with a boy I thought I was crazy about, untill I realized all the stupid things he did to me. He would make me really uncomfterable when alone, and I felt he acted so fake infront of his friends. It has been 4 days since the breakup, and I have recently been talking to an old crush. We both told eachother we had feelings, and expressed them last night(Not as dirty as you think). He told me he loved me, and I really do have a lot of feelings. But is 4 days after a relationship too soon? We also have to wait a couple of weeks to actually tell people we like eachother, and actually start to show feelings, or even date. I really like this guy, but will this hurt my reputation from being with a new guy a month after I just got out of a relationship? Am I taking things too fast? Please, in need for advice.

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