I'm sick of being judged for falling in

I'm sick of being judged for falling in love with him through the internet. I'm only 15, he's 16, but we both know through our hearts we are perfect for one another. We've almost been talking/together for 4 months, but the past month has been a bit shaky.
I kissed a friend here, and my boy was extremely hurt by it. I honestly love him, and would do anything for him, its just that I cant have him here with me, that i need something here. i dont know if that makes me unloyal or bad but we havent even seen eachother in person so i dont know what to make of it.
the worst is that his dad banned him from communicating with me abt two weeks ago. hes been on AIM to talk but it's not the same, and i'm scared he'll give up. i'm scared he'll lose hope of us ever working out. I'm not willing to just stop like it never happened, i cant explain it but i feel so strongly about him, and i dont know if its just doubts because i cant even speak to him.

i'm not going to ask if this is real or not, me and him, our teenage romeo and juliet sort of thing, and i hate when people say- oh you're so young dont worry, but i cant help that we both want eachother for the future. he brings out the best of me, makes me want more out of life, and he's told me the same.
i'm just scared will it be enough?
will he fight and try,
because this is breaking my heart,
not knowing.

is it worse to be the one who is forced to leave
or to be the one who is left?
should hope be enough to get us back to eachother?

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  • You can't find love on the internet!

  • i understand completely where youre coming from.. im in the same position, well kind of.. but fight for him if you love him that much, so what youre young.. im alot older than you but i believe you can fall in love with anyone at any age..
    do what you think's best!


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