An old man's young woman

I got into a lot of financial trouble. my car broke down, and i was crying and this older man in my office building stopped to help me. i ended up telling him everything. his solution, he had money and needed a woman, and i needed money.

i won't get into whether it is prostitution or not. i took his money, and let him have s** with me. and he did something to me, when he had s** with me he possessed me. i can't get him out of my mind, i moved in with him, i found myself on my knees cleaning his toilet. i wash his clothes, i grocery shop. i take his clothes to the cleaners, i balance his check book. and like a 10 year old, i wait for him to come home and i'm so exited to see him.

he is 35 years older than me, and i completely surrender to him. when i am about to be penetrated, my hips just leap up to him, i can't wait. and when he is about to o*****, i pull him so close to me, i don't want to loose a drop. he has turned me into his woman. i spend all day dreaming about being his wife. i'm only 22.

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  • I went through the same sort of thing only I'm a guy. It happen when I was 26 and unemployed. I was about to be evicted from my apartment when I ran across this woman who used to be a friend of my mom. She was in her late fifties. When I told her about my homeless situation she offered to let me sleep on her couch for a week or so. Well as soon as I moved in she made it clear I would be sleeping in her bed. At first I was a little freaked out but soon I really started to enjoy f****** her. She was pretty good in bed and all into giving me head any time I wanted it. Soon all I could think about was having s** with her and we were doing it at least once a day and often more. I started thinking about hooking up with her for real but when we went out in public it was too weird and we just had too many different interests. I eventually dumped her.

  • Hey, honey, I didn't know you surf these websites, but I'm happy you like me so much. I'll do my best to make you love me even more. Btw, can you pick up my V***** order from Walgreens, before I get home? Kisses

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