So yesterday I English class I fell asleep...
As I layed on my desk sleeping I dreamed of my ex-boyfriend who I hadent spoke to since 9th grade. In this dream he held me close and rubbed my ** and kissed me, then we made out and had wonderful ** all the while he told me how beautiful I was and called my name... So naturally I did the same! I told him he was ** and I missed him and I told him to give it to me harder! Only I didn't realize that I was dreaming in English class, or that 24 other kids could hear what I was saying! I was apparently talking in my sleep! They heard every last embarrasing and private word! The worst part is! My ex's bestfriend was in the class and went back to tell him! So later that day while I was at my locker Nick stopped me at my locker and asked if i missed him, or if I though he was ** and smart? At first it was the worst day of my life and I was so fed up that I took my anger out on him. I said no! I don't think your any of that it was a dream I had no control of! And that's the only place I'd want you in a dream! No better yet a nightmare! (Which was all a lie! I wanted Nick soooo bad!)
so he walked off and a month later I found out by his bestfriend that he still liked me and planned on asking me out that day! Too bad I was such a **! And too bad he has a girlfriend now! :(

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  • oh man im so sorry.... I always used to have that fear since I talked in my sleep. Welp hopefully this will make you care less about what people think about you and u can use it to ur advantage.


  • Stay awake during your English class, you really need it.

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