Good girl gone baf

I've been married for 10 years. We have 3 children together. We are active in the church and community. Problem is i have been meeting up with an old friend and having crazy wild s** in a hotel for about a year. We got caught and didn't talk for like 6 months but he recently called me. With in a week of reconnecting we were at the hotel again. He tells me he has NEVER had s** like we have. He is always so available and sweet until After we meet up. Then he disappears doesn't reply to me or is short when he does. He is also married and has a child. We both have no intentions of leaving our marriages. Wonder what he really thinks of me??? Does he think I'm a s***? Or does he truly enjoy our time together. why does he keeps coming back. But if he was really into me he wouldn't be able to go months with out seeing me. So......left wondering! When will he call again and this time will i say no?

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  • Oh honey, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you're what kids nowadays call a "Booty Call".

    You're pretty much a v***** and a heartbeat to this ass clown.

    Does he think you're a s***? Probably not. Does he think he can empty the contents of his b******* into or onto you whenever he feels like it. Most probably. And does he think he can have you whenever he wants? Absolutely.

    Its either you find the s** so good, or the sneaking around so arousing, or the momentary escape from your tawdry life so alluring that you'll put yourself in a moderately priced hotel rooms, spreading your legs so that you can feel wanted and loved.

    The next time he calls, you could say no... but you won't. If you really wanted to stop your exciting little trysts you wouldn't be on some confession website.

    Eventually, he will get tired of f****** you and move on to greener pastures which will leave you justifying to yourself that you knew all this would happen anyway and that you weren't being used and that he did care for you.

    Truth Flash: You are being used and he doesn't care about you.

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