The way we used to be.

I want you back, more then you know. Thats why I keep asking you to spend time with me, I know you will in time, but I cant wait. I know I did you wrong. That was a year ago, and I'm not the girl I used to be. People do change, and I wanna prove you wrong. All I wanted more than anything, was for us to be together. Your scared. Id hold you above anyone else. I wish I could say these words to you, but Im stuck. I love you, and I always have. We gave each other the uttermost part of us. Its gone, like nothing meant anything. I hear your voice, and it makes me miss you. I miss goofing around. After you were gone, I went through a couple harsh break ups. Now, Im sitting here, all confused. Id go out of my way to be around you. Your the cutest thing Ive ever seen. Just the way you smile. We could never say things like this to each other, cause I know it scares you. I know your scared of falling in love and getting hurt. My heart pounds with the love for you, I may be young, but I know this feeling is true. Your the one person I'm going to remember for the rest of my life. You changed my life. You inspire me. I wish I could tell you... without scaring you away.

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