My Pretend Life

Everyone at my workplace thinks that I'm rich, talented, beautiful, smart, and living the perfect life.
What they don't know is, I'm really a failed artist who hasn't got a penny to spare and the love-life of a corpse.
It's crazy how nice clothes and a fake personality can trick people into believing you have it better than them.

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  • I don't understand. How much can you fake? You do drive a car to work, don't you? A rich girl would not drive a $15K car to work. Even if you have a used car, someone that flaunts money drives a $60K car or more. Besides, if you're rich, why do you have the job that you have? If the job is great, then you're really not poor. Doesn't anyone know where you live? You must mean that you appear to have more money than they do, not that you are rich.

    If you have loveless/sexless life, you cannot be that beautiful, smart, talented, etc. or you'd have every guy at work tearing your door down. What's really the problem?

    You may benefit from a few sessions with a psychologist to discuss your problems. I take it you have medical insurance so you will be liable for just a co-payment. Take my advice. You do not sound happy.

    By the way, money alone is not the answer. I have a $90K car but drive the $7K one mostly lol. Yes, money is satisfying in terms having the ability to pay for necessities and luxuries. I guarantee you that other stressors arise, however. If it's not one thing, it is another. People that appear to respect you because of things that you have... well, those people don't matter to me. Your real friends and family will love you rich or pennyless. In fact, they will come to your help when you are down and out. You have to get your priorities straight and put a plan in action that will get accomplished in the areas that you have deficit.

  • I have the lovelife of a corpse because once people find out that I am in debt, depressed, and basically nothing like I appear, they leave me.
    I am not rich, nor did I say I was.
    My coworkers think I come from a family of money and I have put myself in debt to appear that way.
    And who are you to judge my looks?
    The only thing in my life I'm NOT lying about is my appearance.

  • You have nice clothes? You're richer than me.
    Sorry you feel like you have to be fake. Good luck with everything.

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