I'm 14. I cut. If my family ever found out, it would hurt my grandma so much. I need help, but I can't get it. So I cut.

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  • Cutting is weird. So many girls do it. Girls you think are OK. But to people who don't it just seems bizarre and gross. Please stop.

  • You need to learn to communicate your feelings in a different way. Agreed with the other comment about expressing yourself creatively..or even use exercise (not excessively) to work out your frustrations. But it would be best to see a therapist and be able to talk about the problems you are having. Get a different perspective on how to deal. Got a long life, you want to show off those arms, not hide them. See your doctor or even a guidance counselor at school. They can put you in touch with some people. Good for you for asking for help. That's a HUGE first step.

  • What do you need help with? I think I can try to help, if I can't, then I'm really sorry but I adore helping people so please let me. You shouldn't cut because that's really bad and you could slip and hurt yourself permanently. Please let me help because I care about everyone and I want you to have another chance.

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