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I am a male in my late forties,married 3 times-total of 23+ yrs. 4 children/6 grandchildren and by all accounts-fairly normal-- but one thing NO ONE knows is that starting at a very young age I was raped many times. first time was by the school bully that lived next door to me-lasted about 3 yrs ( some of his friends joined in on occation) later was by 3 jocks in 7 th grade forcing me to take a shower after gym-they decided to take turns! during my teens it happened several times while hitch hiking. happened once about 10 yrs ago in an ally, behind a bar by a very large,well hung black man.Never understood why they always picked me,grew to enjoy it,now I like being the victim.How screwed up am I !!!

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  • Ancient Chinese proverb:
    You can't rape the willing.

  • is this a joke...

  • dont worry your story is tragic nad God loves u no matter what

  • You should go and talk with someone. Boys being raped happens more often and it's never reported.

  • no one would be "raped" that many times like that....why dont you just accept your bi/gay and deal with it????

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