So I don't know how or why this started. But I've been having bad dreams once a week since the new year. They've all had me waking up crying too. Cha-Cha told me it could have to do with guilt I have, but I'm not guilty of anything.
One of the dreams I had was of me, I was talking to my aunt and she got really mad at me and somehow she was evil, and she turned everyone I knew evil. She somehow planted an evil baby inside of me, and I had to take a knife and cut it out of me.
2) I was stuck inside this school thing, and it was supposed to be like the movie Saw, and I was crying soo hard in my dream because of all the fear and blood everywhere, so I was so scared I tried to jump off of a staircase to kill myself.
3) I got lost on the way to my best friend's house, and I ended up in an insane asylum and I was running from this psycho guy and I ended up in a bathroom trying to call my mom. I couldn't get ahold of her, so I ran out and a little girl started chasing after me.
4) Me and my brother went to this store, and this girl was flirting with him, and he wasn't interested so he had me pretend to be his girlfriend. Somehow the girl found out what we did, so she had all these children get revenge on us. I walked up to my friend when the kids were trying to attack him, and I found that he had killed all of them and was shoving them in plastic bags.
If you have any help or reasons why this could be happening to me, please comment below. Thanks.

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  • I don't think it is guilt that haunts you. What do you eat before bed? What do you think of before bed? Acidic foods and drinks like pickles can lead to bad dreams. Thinking of bad dreams can lead to them. I never have real nightmares, my nightmares are strange and interesting more than anything. But I do have the common one of falling down the cliff but never hitting. I have vomitted many times after that dream. Dreams are, you must know, just a way of filing memories while resting. Well, not completely, but mostly. Your nightmares come from somewhere, whether you are guilty of something or not is your issue, thats inside you. Something that may be haunting you (Depending on your age) is a boy/girl. I've been haunted by that. Love can do weird things to people. Another thing might be turmoil in your life. If your parents were going through a divorce, or you broke up with a friend, that could lead to dreams. If your dreams are really so scheduled, look for something else scheduled on a weekly schedule that could lead to that. It might be sleeping pills or something like that. It could be stress. If these dreams come on mondays, it could be the stress from the first day of school every week. If it came during the new year, or around your birthday, it could easily be (Again, depending on your age) puberty. Hormones doing strange things with your emotions. I hope I help because there are few things more haunting than those that you can't control.

  • Thank you so much! That actually helped a lot, I really appreciate it! :)

  • Happy to help. :D The reason that I post on this website is to try to help people to understand their issues, or to comfort them with the issues that arise in their life. I can just hope that your nightmares go away.

  • Thank you, and so far they have. :)

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