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This isn't so much as a confession, but in need of advice. I'm friends with who I believe is attractive. I don't know if she feels that same way as I do about her. I'm 33 and her 21st bday is coming up. I know it's a large age difference but my patents ate ten yrs apart. We have been friends for about two yrs now, I wanna ask her out and not lose our friendship. Not sure how to find out how or if she is even interested in me.......??

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  • I would suggest that learning grammar and spelling would be a good move for a 33 year old wishing to date a 21 year old. Why come across as an idiot?

  • First it's on a touch screen phone, which you probably know nothing about, second it was typed pretty fast. Third you probably should have read the headline before you tried to correct me! Thanks for your dumbshit answer though!!

  • Yeah, people love to blame touch screens for their illiteracy. Typos do happen, but if ur riting leik dis because you're on a phone or in a terrible passionate hurry or whatever your excuse is, expect to be called on it and SUCK IT UP. If someone IRL started babbling and acting a fool out of nowhere while you were in class, would you let it pass? No, you would not. So learn basic English and accept feedback from your intellectual superiors.

  • sorry i can't help i've never found out if anyone was interested in me without direct questioning

  • Thanks for your honesty, but that's what I was trying to avoid so the friendship wouldn't get weird.

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