Bisexual Friends

I'm a bisexual woman, but I've never actually been with another woman. Goodness knows I've had my share of crushes, but nothing has come of them.

Three of my closest female friends are also bisexual, and all of them are attractive to me. We really are just friends, but they often say flirtatious things to me that make my head spin. "You've got the most gorgeous figure." "Your eyes are so pretty." "Dude, we should totally make out." Every time they say something like that, I honestly, seriously, want to make out with them. Nothing special. Just a non-committal make out. I've always wanted to try it with a woman and I've just never had the chance.

The thing is that they seem to not really mean it when they flirt. I've actually asked all of them if they wouldn't mind letting me try it out with them, but they all say something like, "You know I would, but you're too close of a friend and it would be weird."

GAH!! Stop leading me on!



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  • if he was do it for free :D

  • I think you need to get the friend you find most attractive into a one-on-one situation in an intimate place. Have some wine to loosen the mood, be playful but not aggressive and begin with gentle touching. You can work your way to more caressing, perhaps by offering to give her a back rub. When the moment is right, give her a quick but meaningful kiss, then watch her reaction. If she doesn't pull away or look extremely uncomfortable kiss her again, longer this time. Be gentle and affectionate as you run your hands all over her body. Take her hands and put them on your b******. Moan lightly as she touches you. You are now ready to take off each other's clothes. Don't say a lot. Don't analyze it to death. Make it purely about s**.

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