Coming out to my PARENTS

I'm bisexual. I've came out to a few of my close friends. I really want to tell my mum and dad but, I already know my dad would hate me. My mum, on the other hand, whould be okay with it, but she'd probably say that I was going to h***. The reason I think my dad would hate me or make fun of my is because well, we've never really ben close and also, when we watch a show that has a gay or lesbian couple and they kiss or it shows the about to have s**, my dad grimises and mumbles "Dumass queers." or "F****** Faggots". I do call myself a q****, but I really dont like being called a dumbass q****. I mean I joke around about my friend and I being a good lesbian couple just for kicks but, I don't know how to say "Hey guys, I'm really bisexual!" Please help me. I have to find a way to get this off my chest.

Sep 30, 2012

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  • I am a pansexual non-binary gay human being and it was extremely complicated coming out because they falsely came out as the wrong sexuality and it took a lot of research out of me in order to find out exactly what I was but once I I have a confidence motivation in order to do so I just came out to my parents it’s kind of a complicated relationship that we have now and it’s not really the best but I’m happy and I’m proud of myself that I did rather if they decide to support me or not was not really the goal that I was having in mind I was going to continue to be myself and be happy rather if they supported me or not

    My only advice to you is you have to find the motivation and confidence to come out not only to your parents but to the world and find your spark to do so

  • You have to bebrave and unyielding. At the same time, you have to not give into anger when the moment comes.

    Here are your steps:

    1) Figure out all the reactions they could have.
    2) Figure out good nonangry replies for each response they might have.
    3) Practice using these replies by coming out to everyone you can.
    4) When you are ready, and if your gut tells you the timing is good, then tell them.

    Remember to stay calm and don't get p*****. If they hurt you, let them know, but do it gently. This is a situation where you want to lead by example because you will be setting the tone for this aspect of your relationship with your parents. You want to set a tone of tolerance.

    Good luck - be strong

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