I like girls? Maybe?

I may be lesbian. Or bisexual. I don't really know. I've liked boys ever since I could remember, but ever since 4th grade, I've been more attracted to girls. I've been noticing things that a "normal" or straight girl wouldn't notice. Things such as "Oh her lips are so pretty...." or "Oh wow, that shirt really shows off her figure...." I'm becoming worried more and more every day; well, not really worried, more like confused.

I have kissed a girl before and I liked it. I know that doesn't make me lesbian or bisexual, but I think it had something to do with it.

Thank you for reading my embarrasing, yet interesting confession. <3 xoxo

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  • Nahh, I don't think that automatically makes you either bi or a lesbian. I'm completely straight but notice things like that on other girls. I can't speak for the kissing a girl part since I never have, but I know many who did that are still straight.

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