Future Serial Killer

Im 20 male and i fantasize about murder and getting away with it. i believe when im older late 30's i will be a serial killer. i want to target anyone i can get away with killing. my passion is to torture in any way than kill them and sodamize them and c** in their dead mouths. i wont target children but teenagers boys and girls. i want to be known as the best who never got caught. i love blood and want to strangle anyone i see. i want to rape and beat anyone if i can find a way to never get busted. i want to be remembered forever as the best serial killer in all time. i want my news on the frontpage and i want to be talked about on tv. i love doing evil things and hurting anything. i used to worship satan till he made my life s*** so i pray to God but he cant save my future victims. i hate being told anything by anyone im filled with demons and when i can get away with it im killing anyone.

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  • well if s*** hits the fan, you can always get that lawyer that helped casey anthony and get off with 4 counts of lying to the police.

  • Right, Red dragons!

  • What do we know about this serial killer....... he likes peppermint tea! clue number 1.

  • First commenter- I know you're just being earnest, but the fact that you're attempting to commit an exorcism over the internet made me spray peppermint tea all over my laptop.

  • If you're stupid enough to post this for all the world to see, than you're probably too dumb to get away with it.

    That's it on the advice from me, now. I'd rather not make the professions of my esteemed colleagues any harder. Plus, it's funny to imagine what other faux pas you may commit as you blundered along.

  • Play a video game. I understand the competitive want to be the best, but play a sport. Or play a game. But get help. Now. You have to remember that you aren't just killing dummies, these are people, with feelings, and families, and if you want to wreck hundreds of lives for your personal entertainment, your selfish. You need help if you are trying to give yourself an excuse through religion. You are fufilling your worst nightmares. Because when your 85 and your in jail, it won't be nice.

  • serial killers ALWAYS get caught. the thrill of getting away with it becomes their downfall, as they take greater and greater risks. You won't be the best, you'll get caught just like all of them, and then you'll either get beaten and raped in prison, or executed. But only after you're beaten and raped. Repeatedly. So I hope you're looking forward to that. I guess you like getting raped in the ass.

  • If you know your filled with demons your probably not. You are sick if your serious. You want to be remembered for doing evil well God will remember you when you go before him. You need Him. You are still worshipping Satan and he is already doomed. He wants to take you with him. I now in the name of the most High God rebuke Satan and his emps in the name of Jesus the name above all names. Get out of him in Jesus name. You can be free by denouncing Satan and his power. He is fake.God love you but he will not tolerate you on the day of refining if you don't repent and turn from evil.

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