I'm so hot.

Everyone wants to be me. like, its not even funny how many people are jealous of me. I mean, i work out 7 days a week, and I have a really nice body... so i totally understand the jealousy. i mean, who could resist me?? NOBODY!
but honestly, this perfect life of mine isn't all its cracked up to be...its a full time job! and im just tired, you know? what should i do? i can't just stop being hot, its in my soul, my blood.... do you get what im saying? and i dont have any trouble getting girls. if im ever horney, i just go through my contact list and call someone up. no biggy. and i dont care if they have boyfriends, that's just minor details.
im so hot... have i said that already?
anyway, i need a new girl pool... i guess that's the biggest issue here. im bored with my old booty-calls. so ladies, who's interested?
hit me up if you're hot.... or just desperate. i dont really care.
the number's: 909 330 5075
ask for Cam.
cant wait to here from you ;)

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  • the numbers these girls leave is proof that girls love a******* and love being treated like s***.

    hey hot guy. give one of the b****** a mushroom stamp for me.


  • The only reason I'd want to be you is so I can get myself beat up and my face rearranged.

  • if your so b***** hot y do u ask for contact here, god r u a young stupid upyour own ass, please grow up, or u will be lonely for a very long time,

  • Over compensation by the sounds of it.

  • trust me, im hot. and if you saw me, you'd want a piece of this.

  • You sound stupid as s***. You need to have your head looked at because you just don't understand life. I may be the only person who doesn't want to be you, but get a hold man. Your not a king, and if you think you deserve to just call people and ignore if they have boyfriend, your an a******. I'm GLAD I'm not you because I would take a loving girlfriend/wife and not be some hot ass guy then be "hot" anyday. And 20 years from now, who's going to be hot. You? No, the next cocky a****** will be.

  • CJB, you're my hero.. :P

  • Thanks?

  • You're obviously not as hot as you think you are if you're THAT cocky.

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