Lack of interest, monotony, and distraction - how do you cope

Hi, i am 38, she is 35, we have an 8yo daughter. All is well except over the last 5 years she does not take much interest in s** at all, and i on the other hand am getting hornier by the hour. We do it frequently almost on a daily basis however due to her lack of interest it has become almost like taking a pill before going to sleep. I miss the wild, crazy, and funny stuffs we used to do in the early years. It has become so very one-sided a show! Plus I am afraid i have only another couple of years to do the stuff as i will be 40 yo in another two years. Of late, i have got into habit of spending vast amounts of time browsing p**** on the net. S** has become number one on my priority list somehow and it is showing by way of the decline in the quality of my work and the low levels of my concentrating abilities. I am at my wits end and I am afraid i will lose it all.
If you have experienced same please share how you managed to cope with all these issues.

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  • Dear CJB, Anonymous 1 and 2: Thanks a lot for commenting and pointing out some already tried and some never tried points to me. I must and will try to find out about what emotional need i am failing to fulfill and oh yes cheating has not yet crossed my mind, so i guess i still love her lots. but i would so much like things to change for the better.

    i couldnt help but rofl upon reading the "you are getting it daily, so stop complaining" Lol (i guess it is the difference between (getting it and Getting It!!!) ;)

    Thank you so much you nice folks for everything

  • You should try no fat (no s** or m***********) for 14 days hard to do but its definitely cab be done and if you can achieve it you will have the best s** you ever had. With your extra energy try doing the stuff she normally does if she asks y you don't want s** or why your doing her stuff just say your trying something for 2 weeks.

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  • In general I would have said a sexless marriage is doomed to fail but your getting it daily, so stop complaining. IE it sounds like she's being passive about it and letting you just do it. If she's not interested theirs probably an emotional need your not meeting for her.

  • You need to talk with her about your needs. Sometimes people just caught up in their lives, she's busy, tired etc. And maybe she's just going through the motions with you. Could be hormonal. I do agree, that maybe adding some romance back into your lives and making surprises could reignite the passion. But it also shouldn't be one sided, she needs to contribute too. Definitely don't cheat..not that you mentioned it, but must be a thought of yours. First Talk with her to see what she needs from you. Definitely think this could work out for the best.

  • Have you talked to her about it? If not, thats a priority. Figure out why shes so... uninterested. Maybe you shouldn't be doing it so often and try to do it maybe 2 times a week but for better s**. I'm not too sure. Do something spontaneous is you don't already. For instance, when your daughter is in school, just take your wife out for something. It doesn't have to be necessarily romantic, but something to make life more fun. I.E. Take her shopping one day if you can afford it, or to a movie for fun. This can lead to having a fun and more exciting life. That in turn can possibly lead to a more vibrant s** life. And it will just be fun for her and hopefully you. And you can do something romantic. Good luck.

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