,i am a 33 year old guyi might die a virgin.

I am a guy,who has had 10 girlfirends in my life.but 6 of them are alcoholics.i never did have a one night stand with any of them,they loved me.but with ome of them.i never could really love any of them.because of my sports and video games.one of them was a user of me.she was a money grabber.she took money.but she never gave any money back.over half of these girls wanted to make me theres forever.it meant i would have s** with them.but i would no longer be a virgin.i am still a virgin,i am waiting until i am married.before i have real good sober s** with a real woman.but since i am working all the time.making 14 dollers an hour,soon 15 dollers,an hour.i am afraid.my endless work will make me die a virgin.i am soooo afraid i might die a virgin.



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  • So, decide which is more important to you:

    Saving yourself for marriage, which NO one can guarantee will ever happen for sure;

    Or, getting laid and stop being a virgin.

  • Well,how do you really feel about yourself.do you actually know a real good girlfriend who will love only you for the rest of your life.were you ever raised in a real good christian school like i was?.do you know a girl who is willing to have your child.without aborting it,and not ever ever ever ever telling you about aborting your child with her.are you willing to trust her,by marrying her first,than have good s**.than have a child together,and not ever abort that child,unless you have no choice.i am a good christian,waiting for the right girl to marry.if i don't find.than i will die a virgin,which i don't have a problem in doing.because i hate evrything bad in my life.how many problem have you ever had in your life.right now.i have about 125 problems to deal with in this life.more than 100 problems i have already solved.how many problems have you solved in your life?

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