I am lucky

This week i was complaining about how my life sucked and feeling really sorry for myself. now i feel so selfish for feeling that way. there are people in libya who are being killed because they choose to speak out against an unfair government. they decided to practise free speech, something we as human beings are all entitled to and yet because of where they live many of them are getting shot dead on the streets. there are people in new zealand who have lost their loved ones and homes from the earthquake. i am safe in my room and all my family are well and safe. i am more than lucky to be living in a country where i can say what i want without fear of being prosecuted. my heart goes out to every one who is suffering in this world

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  • There are so many children who act like they have the worst life ever, but most of them don't. Some of them are even from rich families. They just don't even realize what's going on in other countries or even the US. At least you have figured it out. Maybe there could be more people like you.

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