Have you ever felt so alone that, no matter whoever is around you, you just can't help but feel lost and worthless? I can truthfully say that I have. Each day it goes on and on, only getting worse. I'm 27 and have been dealing with this feeling since I was 10. I've tried suicide multipule times, and I'm currently taking medication and seeing a therapist. Yet, there's always that off feeling that I'm just alone. Maybe I should try ending it all one last time...

Nov 28, 2020

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  • You need s** and the Human touch

  • Uh... welcome to real life?? Wait until you've marinated in that hopeless feeling for a decade or two.

  • Keep seeing that psyche. Tell that person everything. Medications can only do so much.

    As someone that is your age, has tried to kill themselves multiple times in the past, got addicted to drugs, to only have Karma kick them in the ass and find out they're terminal and won't make it past 50 and are lucky to make it to 30.

    Keep your head up. S*** gets rough. I know saying this won't help much or if you'll even take this comment seriously, but there's always hope for someone. Always a way to make the most of what you got.

    I was suicidal for many years, looking back it wasn't worth it. I'm still kind of suicidal but there are happy days but reality sets in and in the end it's still there regardless if I choose not to or not.

    In the end, dying is a terrifying thing. You don't feel the extent of it until you have no choice but to accept it. Changes your point of view that even if you weren't suicidal it's a 'tough s***' situation. you're still dying young.

    There's always helplines, group therapy, your psyche.

    What helped the MOST for me than anything? Group therapy. Like-minded people that can give you a perspective from all different voices and situations.

    This place? Not so much. It's not always the greatest comment.

    Hope this one helped you somehow. Stay strong, keep your head up, and move forward.

    Can't have the bad without the good.

  • Drugs. That’s what they’re for.

  • Jump under a bus you pathetic t***.

  • Ease up there juice box no one deserves your pathetic view on everything I think you need to confess don't judge anyone till you have judged yourself!

  • You poor thing. You're not alone 🤗

  • Are you another pathetic whingeing snowflake ?
    Man up ! The world owes you precisely nothing .

  • Yawn

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