I am a 13good year old with no idea on how to handle this problem.

I started touching myself when I was 9, but I didn't know what I was doing was considered bad until I turned 11. At the age of 12, I was chatting with random men over the internet, and within days I was cybering. Within a couple weeks I was sending out bad pictures of me. I had at least 6 regular people I would video chat with, twoof which were girls. I understood that what I was doing was bad, yet I continued to do it. I learned what to say and do to make the people satisfied. Eventually I got caught. The main problem is that I miss it. I miss feeling needed. I miss feeling beautiful. Lets just say I weigh more then I should, and I get picked on alot. With my online "friends", I felt important, and I want the feeling back. Any advice?



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  • You are only growing up and turning into a voter.Keep doing what your doing. And try to keep all sexes hopping. Always nice to have 2girls in bed. Love p**** juice and spandex

  • I also have that oversexed thing going on in my life. I display myself in public areas,where no little kids are, and get superhot when a woman will smile or stare. Im always wearing soandex or some feminine girdle because i just love the feel on my smooth shaved c***. And i cant resist to make sure the fabric is as tight as possible so every bulging vein is sure to be seen. Heres my #. Call me and we'll see where i can help! And keep cummmin. Its all good

  • Original Poster Here!

    I misspelled a few things because I was typing it up on my dad's phone. The title was meant to say 13 year old girl. I am a girl, btw.

  • I didn't know that girls could get pleasure at age 9? Anyways, please know that you are beautiful regardless of what anyone else thinks. Do what you enjoy doing or at least what you can get away with until you you get old enough for legal consent.

  • I know how you feel. I love chatting with men because their desire makes me feel so wanted and sexy. The only way I can get aroused is when I feel this way. I have yet to find a man who can do that in real life.

  • You're beautiful even without sending pictures of yourself to people. You've got to learn your self-worth without doing things like that.

  • Sounds like you are having fun, in my opinion. Why stop ?

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