Im just alone...

Im just alone. I hate the feeling but i've been by myself for so long that i don't think i can escape this feeling.. I'm that guy who could easily go unnoticed..whether I want to or not. I'm not gonna lie, im anti-social. but at the same time i don't want to be alone ya know? all the friends i did have arent in the city i live in anymore..they're doing stuff with their lives. so many other factors come into play but it all leads up to me feeling like im living a life of solitude..and the feeling only gets worse at night. I just feel like im wandering in the dark by myself...

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  • Look at it this way would you rather be in a relationship and be miserable or single and happy? me personally i dont believe in marriage women cheat all the time and divorce is EXPENSIVE as far as I see it you should do the girlfriend thing with no intent on marriage just have some self confidence step up ta the plate and ask a woman out and if she rejects ya move on ta the next and dont use corny pickup lines theryre cheap and desperate just be yourself

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