Sucking a grown up man at the age of 9 years

During the summer vacation as our second home was vacant and was under maintenance. So after lunch I visited the house which is two block apart from our residence. When I reached there only one man was just resting after his lunch and other were away for lunch at the nearby restaurant. I said hello and told him that I am going to the attic above and reaching the top had nothing to do and removing my dresses started to play with my small d***. Making my d*** grow to its maximum length of 2.5 inches I started jumping and roaming around with erect c***. I heard some shuffling behind and saw this man behind me with his c*** erect and showing at my face from his shorts down. He was not wearing any underwear. He asked wants to play with big c*** and spreading a rug on the floor he hold my hand and lying down told me to catch his c***. He made me sit beside him and guided my hand to his erect 8 inch c***. It didnot fit in my small hand so I had to use my both hands. He too touched my small p**** and slowly pulled back my foreskin and told me to do as he did. I too just pulled hack the foreskin of his big c***. He was hairy man and his c*** seemed to be as big log sticking out of plain dark hairs. He told me to stroke his c*** which I did. Then he told me to open my mouth and such and lick it. As his fingers were stroking my small p**** I was having uncontrollable pleasure and tingling. I put his c*** head in to my mouth and it just fitting into my mouth, He had a thick c***. It was throbbing in my mouth. Then he got up and told me to stand and he put my c*** into his mouth and did some wonderful sliding and licking sucking and kneading of my b****. Then told me to do the same to his c***. I obliged and sucking his c*** started to j*** his big c*** up and down. He too thrusted up and down his pelvis. I started to roll my tongue around his c*** head and into his pee hole. His pre c** was salty. He told me to do the sucking and jerking faster and as I did he started pump his c**. He told not to spit and swallow the c** as it is good for small p**** to grow big as it is the vitamin for c*** growing. My mouth was full and had to swallow without any thought. He told me to knead his b**** also which I did. He was stroking my small c*** also and I too had a dry climax and could not stand further strokes so I moved away licking my mouth clean of his c**. He smiled and thanking me told Good Boy. Come tomorrow also at this time which is the last day of their job to be completed. Next day I could not keep the promise due to some other engagement as I had to travel with my parents. Such incidents being first in life gets embossed in ones mind never to forget.


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  • I was nine and bottoming for a fifteen year old. I also went down on him between bottoming. His man friend who was doing him regularly took an interest in me I did him orally for a few months till I relaxed enough to let him do my tight cute little @ss.

  • Reported , this story sucks .

  • Didnt he try up your little ass

  • If not he was a fool

  • Too hard to read but sucked off by a 9 yr old is hot

  • Really?

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