Not then but now

To say first off... I have never acted nor will I ever act on this fantasy. As a teen I liked older girls. In my twenties till mid 30's I never found little girls attractive. But now I'm older, i fantasize about girls from the age of 11 to 15 experimenting for their first time with my p****. Like if I we're giving a live s** Ed demonstration. Like if I were showing them what an erection is and what e********** is. I would not necessarily want them to go further other than giving it a little rub. The thought of making them tingle inside with curiosity turns me on. I fantasize about watching a movie and if an erect p**** popped up on the screen outta nowhere then that would turn me on knowing she saw an erect p****. I don't fantasize about them watching sexually explicit material. Cause that would be a givin. I fantasize about watching a film that is unexpected to have the male erect organ pop outta nowhere. Anyways. It's getting late so I need to go. Have a good day people.

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  • I have the same thoughts...

  • That's funny, I am 18 and I find myself fantasizing about women in their 40's and 50's. I look at older women who are my moms friends and I want to just f*** them. I can't explain why they turn me on, they just do. My mom has this one friend who is hot as h***. She comes over to swim in our pool and she'll wear this string bikini. She looks amazing. I'll go to the shower house and in the bathroom there is a window that looks out onto the pool area. I'll stand in there and m********* as I look at her. I would give anything to f*** her.

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