Why do the bad get everything?

I had to friends... had because I finally woke up and decovered what kind of people they really are. The first friend and her husband own an insurance business. She refers to her kids as "the boy" and "the girl". Before she goes over to someones house for a party or chooses if she wants to be friends with them she looks them up on the internet to see if they are rich enough. She also tells everyone in town everyones business and spreads lies.

The other friend comes from no money and a broken home but now is very rich and married to an a******. They also run their own business and they are known in the industry and around town as being a******* to work for. (Both of them, not just him.) She treats all of her friends like employees and her husband said the only reason he married her is because she is smart and if he died she could take care of his children. (TRUE Confession: I think he cheats a lot on her... he never sleeps at home when she takes her kids to the beach.) She has close girlfriends because her husband hates her.

But why do the a******* and crazy people of this world have all the money... I know tons of people who own there own businesses and are kind to others and can't make ends meet. Why is that?

Feb 23, 2011

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