I refuse to date my own race. I am a

I refuse to date my own race.

I am a little ashamed of this fact, but the truth is, I want white babies (I'm black) and only date white men. I just feel they are better-looking, more articulate, better-dressed, and I know for a fact my kids would have an easier time in life if they were (at least half) white.

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  • ^^ shut up, this is 2008, people dont care if you're mixed or not anymore

  • Actually, they may have a harder time being that they won't really "fit in" with any race. . .something to think about

  • I don't want to date black men either

  • I do that to my own race, too. Something about the men of my race just doesn't do it for me. Interracial relationships are hot.

  • ^ Shut the eff, b****. Quit judging people. Thats God's job.

  • your a sellout to your own race people like you make me sick you should be ashamed of yourself why don't you just bleach youself white so you can live like a real life caucasion

  • hey, whatever floats ur boat. nearly every black guy i know dates a white girl, and they don't feel bad about it. i'm a hispanic female, and i don't like latin men at all. they are too conservative, and old fashioned. and they cheat all the time. and they think they are so f****** great... at least the guys i know.

  • you really do need help ..and i mean help... ,maybe call michael jackson for help..grrrr suxxxx

  • seek Jesus

  • Whatever makes you happy.

  • I feel the same way

  • Your rationale for not dating your own race is a sign of "self-hate". You should examine why or consider counseling.

  • I support you. Wierdly, I feel the exact same way

  • well...if you want to...


  • f*** u white ass.

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