I'm flirting with my engaged coworker...

I've been flirting with my very engaged, very soon to be married coworker and I'm loving every minute of it. I know it is wrong, and nothing has happened, but I enjoy talking and bantering with him.

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  • I would join the Illuminati to win $10million or say even $50million or more in a lottery or several lotteries and I would be happy to blood sacrifice my cousins and all the people who bullied me no worries in return for fame and fortune and great health and a long life. for sure. me too

  • Too funny..I used to ride share to work with an engaged (well, off and on) woman. We got along well, and, she flirted quite a bit, too. I picked it up a notch by playful touching, poking, or tickling her, and, as she kept her hot nails very long and polished, would paint them for her if we stopped off after work. I paid her tons of attention, and she ate it up.

    She did end up marrying the guy, and, no surprise...Two years, then divorce. I've often wondered if I had something to do with it..Even a little.

  • Why did you flirt with her if you where not serious about it ?

  • I am in the same boat. I am engaged. Will be getting married in 5 months. I've been "involved" (just flirting thus far) for over a year with a co-worker. I knew him and was "talking" to him before I met my fiance. Recently, the flirting has gotten more intense. In fact, 3 days ago, he cornered me in an elevator at work, lifted me up in the air, and gave me the biggest, most passionate kiss. I was in shock. My stomach is in butterfly knots. He's been fishing around and asking all kinds of questions lately about my fiance, what he does, how we met, etc. I love my fiance, and want to marry him. We are like 2 peas in a pod. But my co-worker is HOT and flirting/messing around with him is a huge turn on for me....

  • same is happening to me, but i'm the married one, he's the bachelor. we met a few months ago at work and since then just can't avoid looking for each other. he managed to let me know through somebody else that he really likes me (he knows i'm married) and we've been walking on this slippery path for quite a while. nothing has happened but i'm not sure where we're going to end up.
    i'm feeling very bad about it because i still love my husband but i also know that over the many years i've been with him i never had a crush on anybody else before this new colleague crossed my way and i know for a fact that had i been single, it wouldn't have taken 3 days to start going out with this new guy.

  • S***.

  • atleast tell him that you love him

  • the best thing to do then, is to kill yourself!

  • Or you can stop being so damn selfish and leave him alone! To you, it's just fun, but to him, it may very well cause him to have regrets when he finally does get married. Innocent as it may seem to you, that can drive a huge wedge into a marriage. If you suspect that he has any feelings for you at all (as opposed to just enjoying your company/enjoying being flirted with), I say you should do the right thing and back away.

  • Well, well, well. Could be he's looking for a final fling before the big ceremony. Do him a favor and send him off into marriage land with a smile on his face.

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