Story of a girl

So there's this guy I've been with for a while. We will call him Bob. After being together for a while I moved in with him.i got a new job working at Brookshires when I met a coworker, we will call him Stan and I became best friends and did everything together. Sure I had a little crush on him, but nothing serious. One night i got off work, came home, and found a woman's earring in my bathroom...I don't have my ears pierced. I confronted bob about it and he blew it off. I've already had suspicions of him and his coworker Lola, now I'm really worried. They'd go out all nit together drinking and partying, and I was never invited along. So that night I tested Stan and told him how I felt about him. In the coming days we had a bit of an affair. It was the most tender, loving relationship I've ever had, and I fell in love with him. We did everything together, and one time, he didn't tell me he loved me, so he felt bad, came up to me, held ,e and told me how sorry he was and told me over Andover Andover again now much he meant to me and how much he loved me...all the while bob was ignoring me. I as thinking that Stan and I had the real deal and things were going to work out...until he started cheating on me with a minor....and to
Led my heart out...worst part is I can to talk to anyone about this...Stan didn't care and he's completely blocked me out of his life....bob still barely will tell me the time of's been three months Nd I still want N miss Stan....I'm sick of this...

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