Oh no

I love my boyfriend. I really do. He's amazing in every way, and I am not at all dissatisfied with our relationship.


I'm in a foreign country on an exchange program. I made out with one of the guys on the exchange when they were in America, and I told my boyfriend when it happened and he forgave me and things went back to normal. But now I'm here, and this other guy is very persistent. He says he loves me, and I believe him even though I wish it weren't true. We've started to hook up again, but nothing more than kissing. I know i'm an awful person, and I don't know what to do. Life is only one, and I love both of them. Both have saved my life at some point and both love me properly. I can't tell my boyfriend, it'd destroy everything, but I feel like if I had passed this guy up I would have regretted it for my whole life. I go away in 4 days. I just don't know if I can live with the guilt. And if I can does that make me a horrible person?

Love is love. I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

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  • I have been in your EXACT SAME POSITION.

    It truly is possible to be in love with two people at once, and it sucks! It's a no-win situation unless your guy's okay with an open relationship. I wish you the best of luck, you poor thing.

  • Well this is time sensitve ehh? Your probably not in love with this 'other guy'. Your most likely lonely. You think you love him, but 10 years from now, will you really regret it? If you had s** with him, would it really improve your life? Would it make up for the h*** you would go through later. Wait it out, maturbate a bit. Every time you kiss the 'other guy' your going to get hornier for him, so avoid it. Avoid him if you can. Say goodbye if you want, thats fine, but just tell him that he loves you, ok. He sounds like its almost blackmail on you, whether he wants it to be or not, and your feeing a bit of pity. Just think logically for a second before you go into bed with every guy who says they love you. I'm not being mean, I'm telling you what you need to hear. Unless you are "MADLY" in love with this 'other guy' and you don't want your real boyfriend, be smart. And also, you sound suicidal, if even just a bit, so don't do that. Don't worry, its not love your feeling. Really, I don't think its possible to love two people. You can like them, but love MEANS to want to be with them every time you can, and that you are loving them, and only them. Morales don't come into play, but your hormones are playing with your mind. Your idea of love may be different but it should still only allow one guy into your heart. I'm in love and my way to describe it is constant thought about her, about her and her hair, and her personality, and just being around her. Every time she comes home late, or gets mad, I get a horrible feeling in my gut because I love her, and I want her to feel special, because she deserves that. If your feeling these feelings about both of these guys, maybe your just too loving.

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