Sister birthday sexx

I got up and need to pee so I went to the bathroom . Win I walked in I seen my order sister Wich was her 19 birth day she was sitting on the toilet naked and she was sucking dad's d*** . So I peed in the sink and start to beat off to what I was seeing . She removed dad's d*** from her mouth just long enough to tell me not to finish . Win she was finished drinking dad's load she got up and Wash her face thin she grabbed me by my d*** and draged me to her room she pushed me on to her bed . Thin she got on top and start riding me . She was so tight she was one of the best I have had . After several minutes I new it was time so I said sis I'm about to c** . She stop and layed down on top of me holding me tight . She thin kissed me and said thin do it . As she set back up and start to ride me even harder . I gave her a big load but she didn't stop . We wint 3 more round . After Wich we layed there holding each other

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  • Drop dead incest lover

  • I'd love to f*** my sister!

  • Me too!!!

  • Yup hang you self

  • How many times do you have to be told! Go stand on the train tracks and wait.

  • Its you again Night with my little sister, Drunk older sister and walked in on my daddy, You must have some kind of life as a loser.

  • Who would believe such a story?

  • Too far fetched

  • Agreed!

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